Free Online Course: Diploma in Project Management


Free Online Course offered by EDX:

Diploma in Project Management

About the course:

Alison’s e-learning platform offers a free online diploma course in project management.

Introduction to the course:

This course introduces learners to the most important aspects of project management in a clear and simplified manner.

It reviews the critical stages of the software development life cycle, including analysis, planning, design and evaluation, and then proceeds to describe the project management methodology in detail.

By the end of the course, the learner will have received a boost for his career in project management.

Duration of the course:

The course lasts between 10 to 15 hours.
Course units:

– Project Management.

– Methodologies.

– Toolkit and Documentation.

– Educational outcomes.

– Project management overview.

– Case study for project management.

– Project management methodology.

– A case study of information technology.

– Project management toolkit.

– Case study for project management tools.

– Case Study of GANTT Charts for Project Schedules.

– Project management documents.

– Case study documenting project management. Methodologies,

– Toolkit and Documentation.

Project Management:

– Project Life Cycle.

– Learning Outcomes.

– Software development life cycle.

– Project Management.

– A case study of the software development life cycle.

– The planning stage.

– A case study of the planning phase of the software development life cycle.

– Analysis stage.

– Case study for the analysis phase.

– Design stage.

– A case study for the design phase. Implementation stage.

– Case study of project management implementation.

– Evaluation stage.

– Case study for assessing project management. Abstract of Project Management Case Study.

Course objectives:

By the end of the course, the student will be qualified to undertake:

Determine what aspects must be taken into account when planning projects.

Explain the different stages of the software development life cycle.

Describe the project management methodology in detail.

Explanation of project management tools such as Gantt charts and PERT charts.

Description of different types of documents, such as technical, paper, electronic, and specialized user documentation.

Course costs:

Basically all Alison courses can be registered, studied, and completed free of charge.

Therefore, in order to obtain the course certificate, and in order for the learner to be classified a certified graduate from the Alison platform, he will have to achieve 80% in the test he takes after completing the course.

Alison offers three types of course completion certificates:

An electronic certificate that can be printed as a PDF, and it is immediately available to students once the purchase is made on the site.

A normal certificate, which is a certificate bearing the official mark of the platform, and with a safety mark, which is sent to students free of charge.

A framed certificate, which is the same as the previous certificate, but it is placed within an attractive frame, and it is also sent to students for free.

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