Scientific Research Methods


Effort :
4 hours
Level : Entry Level
Language : Arabic

The Scientific Research Methods MOOC includes theoretical and philosophical principles of scientific research as the tool to achieve knowledge. This course will cover types of research methodologies in several sciences in addition to the steps of conducting scientific research starting with identifying and analyzing research problems, establishing hypotheses in their statistical and non-statistical variations, understanding the tools and methods for collecting data and information and their psychometric properties and explanation of variables and their types in addition to other matter related to conducting scientific research.

 What You Will Learn

  • Introductory principles to scientific research
  • Problem and hypotheses in scientific research
  • Variables in scientific research
  • Samples in scientific research
  • Data collection tools in scientific research
  • Scientific research methodologies
  • Developing a scientific research proposal


  • None

 Instructors and Team

Professor Adnan Al-Jadiri

Professor Adnan Al-Jadiri is the Dean of Educational and Psychological Sciences Faculty and the acting Dean of the Arts and Sciences Faculty at Amman Arab University. He holds a PhD in Vocational and Technical Education from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. He published 6 books on scientific research and statistics and completed more than 40 research. He also supervised over a 100 MA and PhD theses and served as a dissertation committee member for over 600 MA and PhD theses.

Dr. Lina Maharmeh

Dr. Lina holds a PhD in Education from Amman Arab University where she currently works. She conducted 6 research in the field, worked in the Teacher Award evaluation committees and also participated in developing and implementing training courses for talented students.

Dr. Heyam Al Taj

Dr. Heyam Musa Al Taj holds a PhD and a master’s degree in Special Education from the University of Jordan and holds a bachelor’s degree in Classroom Teacher from the University of Jordan. She worked as an educational staff member at the Educational Sciences and Arts faculty –U.N.R.W.A. She also worked as Head of Special Education and Psychology department at Ajloun National Private University. Currently she is working as an assistant professor at Amman Arab University for undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She supervised a number of theses. Also, she has published several research in Arab and foreign journals.

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