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Public Speaking Skills

Description Inspiring and motivating others start with the effective delivery of ideas and in today’s market, effective presentations are part of the core of business competency. Public speaking skill is one of the greatest tools for

CV Writing

Description Once you have determined your career goals, the biggest and most important challenge is convincing the employers of your ability to bring a lot of value to the company by joining. Given the intense competition among the

Interviewing Skills

Description Job interviews are arguably some of the most important meetings that greatly affect your career trajectory. It is the bridge that allows the applicant to land a job. In order to pass the bridge successfully, some certain

Teamwork Skills

Description There is a Chinese proverb that says: Behind every capable person there are capable people. Somebody else said: I prefer to make 10 people do the work rather than do the work of 10 people. Life & experience show us

Time and Stress Management

Description This course is part of the Success Skills and Self-improvement Specialization! Time Management is one of the most basic skills that any person needs to possess nowadays. How can you have better time management skills?

Google: Power Searching with Google

About this course Get the most out of your search engine skills! While searching on the Internet is easy and fast, it’s not intuitive or straightforward. This course, Power Searching With Google, covers everything you need to know to