Future Trends of Fashion design and creation :


Future Trends of Fashion and Textiles:

We intend to suggest this course to students who are interested in fashion design as part of the management training program.

We shall take you through a tour to the fashion retail, design, material, and manufacturing section of the fashion supply chain.

After the tour, we shall debrief and review the fundamental drive of the changes in the coming future.

About this course:

Everyone wishes to know the future!

Although we do not have the magic crystal ball to show us the future, we have interviewed more than forty (40+) international industrialists, academics, and business leaders.

They are experts in their area and the drivers behind the industry.

Our guests will share their views of the future and potential of the fashion industry with you.

During the interviews, we focused on the following questions:

What are the current challenges?

What are the new main directions in the coming five to ten (5 – 10) years?

What kind of new technologies will become popular?

Will there be any new business models (new ways of doing business)?

What role can a government play?

Will there be any ideology that may bring a big impact?

We fully understand that learners may face the obstacle of terminology and background.

We will introduce the background of the fashion supply chain first.

Then, we take the learners to attend the interviews week by week, sector by sector.

Most importantly, the course content is bilingual in Chinese and English.

Learners will enjoy our learning supports.

Suitable for students, consumers, anyone who is interested or working in the fashion business.

What you’ll learn:

Understand how different sectors of the fashion supply chain attempt to tackle their challenges.

Some suggested highlights are as follow

  • Sustainability.
  • Understand the importance and impact of sustainability in the fashion industry.
  • Understand the difficulties of adopting innovative technology in achieving sustainable production.
  • Business.
  • Understand the competition among physical stores, virtual stores, and unmanned stores.
  • Understand how a business can integrate sustainability objectives into profit-making business strategy.
  • Technology
  • Preview the product traceability technology.
  • Preview the sustainable business model of Garment to Garment in fashion recycling.
  • Understand the impact and limitation of the robotic production system in apparel manufacturing.

Why Learn about Fashion?

We will take the learners on a magical trip from the consumers’ perspective.

After we provide everyone a road map, survival handbook, and a briefing of the fashion supply chain, we will start our journey with the first stop of the fashion retailing industry.

Then, we will go behind the scenes and witness the design houses, the material industry, and the manufacturing industry.

Finally, we shall finish our tour with a debriefing of the topic of sustainability.

Build a Career in Fashion:

Red carpets wouldn’t be the same without the thriving world of fashion business.

Couture gowns and the casual, fresh looks of Avante Garde fashion shows offer humanity the chance to have fun with self-expression.

Whether you’re aiming to be the next Louis Vuitton or Gucci, the next fashion influencer like Gigi Hadid, or a business-savvy investor, edX has you covered. Take a range of courses in both fashion and business can help you understand the modern fashion industry and where fashion may be headed in the future.

From Paris Fashion Week to the street style of Milan and in new emerging markets, you’ll be ready to tackle the industry head-on.


Week 1: Introduction to the fashion supply chain and the potential trends.

Week 2: Trends in Retailing.

Week 3: Trends in Design: fashion, accessory, and shoes.

Week 4: Trends in Textile Material and Processing.

Week 5: Trends in Apparel Manufacturing.

Week 6: Sustainable Future.


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